Personal Projects

I love tinkering around with my own stuff in-between freelancing gigs. Here’s some of the stuff that’s on my docket. 


Actively Working On:

Dragonfly Saints, a long suffering PbtA answer to Exalted. In a xuanhuan setting dominated by entrenched powers and corrupt systems, the players are sword-saints who give up the majority of their lifespan in exchange for the power they need to change the world. With only a few years of time to pursue their agendas, can they build something that will outlive them, or will they simply fade away?

Foxbinder, a game about family and community. As the descendant of one of the legendary Foxbinders who captured the kitsune trickster-gods, you’re responsible for maintaining the ancient sorcery that holds them in thrall. Blessed and cursed by close proximity to their magic, you’re feared by those around you. When the world turns its back on you, only the clan remains.


Tooling Around With:

Exalted: Sports of Divinity reimagines the Divine Revolution as a world-spanning tournament for a sport that’s definitely not inspired by anything at all.

Gonzo World, a Dungeon World hack focused on playing the strangest classes and archetypes from Dungeons & Dragons history.


Letting It Simmer:

Something Wicked: A PbtA hack for witchcraft drama in the style of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Practical Magic. But, you know, with less tonal whiplash than that implies.

Crowned by Chaos, a Nobilis hack for playing sorcerous fair folk.


The Field is Fallow:

Boomtown, a small PbtA hack about being the NPCs in a town when a Hellish portal opens nearby and adventurers start rolling in like they own the place.